Mrs Karin Juto Hedberg, Kashmanis Salukis & Shelties, Sweden




My C.I.B. Kirman Eudora as a youngster.


I own, show, judge and have a small breeding of Salukis and Shetland sheepdogs.

I bred my first Saluki litter 1977 and my first Sheltie litter in 1997.

I judge all breeds in FCI group 10, Sighthounds, and an additional number of breeds in Group 5 ("the Mediterranean" breeds and a few others) and, in Group1, Herding dogs, except for Shetland sheepdogs, I also judge Collies, rough and smooth, and Bearded collies, Belgian Shepherds, Beauceron, Berger picard, Chodsky Pes, Dutch sheepdogs and Polish lowland sheepdogs. I'm also licensed to judge Basenjis (FCI Group 5) and am presently studying a few other breeds in FCI Group 1 (Berger de Pyrénées), Group 2 (Great Dane), Group 5 (Swedish Vallhund, Jämthund and other Elkhound breeds) and in Group 9 I'm licensed to judge Tibetan Spaniel and more breeds are under study (Papillon, Phalène, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu).

At http://www.fci.be/en/Judges/Judge.aspx?id=638

you can find exactly which breeds I'm currently licensed to judge.

I'm on Facebook as Karin Juto Hedberg.


Kashmanis Vasilissa

SE LC Ch Kashmanis Vasilissa (2 show CACs) 2002-06-10 - 2009-10-05


Kirman Eudora Club Winner

C.I.B. SE HR & CZ UCH Kirman Eudora, Sighthound Club Show Winner 2014, Croatian Sighthound Club Winner Zagreb 2015, Zagreb CACIB Winner 2015  (2011-10-13--)


Kastmanis Smart'n'Special Sally

Kashmanis Smart'n'Special (1999 - 2009) enjoyed agility training with one of my daughters


Starbelle Stephanie winter old

Starbelle Stephanie. 2000 - 2014  (mother of my X and Y Sheltie litters). Bred by Madeleine Lund


Kashmanis Yippee

SE UCH LPI LPII Kashmanis Yippee, (2004 - ), BOB and CACIB Winner. Photo: Madeleine Lund.