V litter

My V litter (2+3) was born 2002-06-10 by Show Ch Min Arabi Mohi Khan ex Kashmanis Qishta al Nafud (LC and Show CAC:s).

See photos below of my Vasilissa and, in the Gallery, some photos of her litter mates: 

Kashmanis Vagabond, red male (LC license and merits)

Kashmanis Valiant, red male 

Kashmanis Vanessa, red bitch (2 lure coursing CAC:s)

Kashmanis Valentina, red bitch

I kept the red heavily feathered Swedish Lure Coursing Champion Kashmanis Vasilissa (2 show CACs, also racing licence) 

Kashmanis Vasilissa

Posing for a Christmas greeting card 


Vasilissa Dirksen LC

Lure coursing in ?. Photo Dirksen


LC V-tuna

Lure coursing in Vallentuna, Stockholm. Photo Jessica Bolander

Vasilissa JB



On the day of acquiring her racing licence! Västerås. Photo: Gerd Andersson. 

Lissa Racing

At the racing track Åkers Kanal, Åkersberga, Sweden


kapp med Gerd

Racing training at Åkers Kanal, with Gerd Andersson (Dar El Hindiya) and her Salukis DEH Amir and Amina.


profil tust

At a show. Photo Jessica Bolander


trav utställning

Trotting in the show ring. Photo Jessica Bolander


Lure coursing in Vallentuna, Sweden. Photo Jessica Bolander


head ears

Lovely ear fringes! Photo Hedberg


Alfta utställning trav

Trotting in the show ring at Swedish KC show in Alfta. Photo Annelie Johansson


Posing with young daughter Lena. Photo Hedberg

cert Skogås

Winning her first CAC and BB2 at Sighthound Specialty in Skogås, Sweden. 2008. Judge Gabriele Schröter,DE


BIS bruks Lena Stålhandske

Winning BIS Working Class with CQ and BB3 at Sighthound specialty in Österbybruk, Sweden, 2007. Judge Lena Stålhandske.


cert Enköping

Winning her second CAC and BB2 at the Sighthound Specialty in Enköping, Sweden, March 2009. Judge Åke Cronander.




Kashmanis Vanessa 2 years old. Photo: Jonny Hedberg.


Kashmanis Valentina at "Skokloster Summer Show" 2003 (1 year), shown by me. Photo: hundefoto.no


Kashmanis Valiant. Photo Linda Frisén. Owner Carina Jönsson.


Kashmanis Vanessa, 2 lure coursing CACs. Here with owner, on the lure coursing field.

Valentinamidsommar08Bild 170.jpg

Kashmanis Valentina. Shown only a few times. My favourite bitch in the V litter. Loved by her family. 

Bild 006.jpg

Vagabond and friend


Kashmanis Vagabond.

Bild 005.jpg

Kashmanis Vagabond and Saluki friend


Kashmanis Vagabond

:) :( :D ;) :| :P |-) (inlove) :O ;( :@ 8-) :S (flower) (heart) (star)